🎶 My favourite albums of 2019

🎶 My favourite albums of 2019
  • Verve - Sebastian Plano
  • Scream Through The Walls - As Cities Burn
  • A Different Forest - Haushka
  • Fear Innoculum - Tool
  • Happy Occident - Slow Meadow
  • The Undivided Five - A Winged Victory for the Sullen
  • All Hail - Norma Jean
  • Silencia - Hammock

This list is in release date order so not rankings or playing favourites here i.e. Sebastian Plano released Verve in March and Hammock released Silencia in November.

These albums run the gammut from loud and shouty (Norma Jean, As Cities Burn), through technical and indulgent (Tool), to blissfully calming (AWVFTS, Slow Meadow), and dreamy (Hammock).

All of these albums are available on Apple Music and Spotify as far as I can tell so I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.